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It is Time to Prune Lilac, Forsythia and Other Early Spring Flowering Shrubs

Ever wonder why your Lilacs or Forsythia don’t bloom like your neighbor’s? It could be that they don’t get as much sun, or maybe you’re not feeding your plants as well as your neighbor is, but it’s more likely that you are not pruning your plants properly.


Beginner’s Tips for Growing Annuals

Memorial Day is the traditional start to the gardening season for many Michigan gardeners. For beginning gardeners, planting annuals may be a good first step when gardening.


Basics of Garden Design

If there is one big mistake gardeners of all experience levels make when designing a new garden or renovating an existing space, it’s this: choosing a bunch of plants that look great at the garden center or nursery and then digging right in, without first coming up with a garden layout.

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