Frequently Asked Questions

Soils and Nutrients

What is soil made up of?

What is organic matter and how does it contribute to the health of the soil?

What does the term “organic” mean, in terms of fertilizers?

How do I calculate the amount of fertilizer I need based on the actual Nitrogen?


What is the difference between an annual and a perennial plant?

Are there any shade trees that don't produce a lot of litter?

Are there any low maintenance rose bushes?

Plant Troubleshooting

Why doesn’t anything grow under my evergreen trees?

I have a beautiful wisteria vine that is growing up my 35-year-old evergreen.

Is Japanese white wisteria a plant that can be trimmed? What time of year would be best to do this?

Three years ago I bought a lilac bush. It bloomed the first year. But, the last 2 years the leaves have growth, but the buds have not developed. What can I do to have blossoms in the future?

Something is eating my Crocus bulbs! What can I do to protect the bulbs without harming the critters or the environment?

Starting and Maintaining your Landscape

I am planning to renovate my landscape, what things should I keep in mind to have a successful end product?

When do I prune my flowering trees and shrubs?

When do I prune my flowering trees and shrubs?

How do I maintain a formal hedge?

What tools should I use for pruning?

How do you control weeds in the landscape?

Containers, Vegetables and Houseplants

What is the correct timing for planting seeds in a seed starter indoors?

How do I start a container garden?

Where should I plant a vegetable garden?

How do I water my houseplants?